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In addition to protecting the bathroom from moisture and dirt, the shower curtain is an integral part of the decor of the room. How to choose it? Here are a few tips.How to choose your shower curtain? Between different sizes, materials, and patterns, you are lost. Here are some tips to help you choose. Click here for eyelet curtains.

The material of your shower curtain

The material of your shower curtain will have a significant impact on its lifetime. On this point, two schools compete. Some prefer PVC for its resistance to moisture, its lightness, ease of maintenance and installation, while others choose the fabric curtain for its aesthetics. Unlike the PVC curtain, it cannot be cleaned directly by hand, but it can usually be machine washed. The most permeable solution is nylon, but it is not necessarily the most elegant. For a natural and mildew-resistant curtain, you can opt for a hemp fabric. The trick to waterproof your fabric shower curtain, while maintaining its floating appearance, is to double the inside of a shower curtain transparent or white. Visit this site for eyelet curtains.


The aesthetics of your shower curtain

The wide range of shower curtain choices can sometimes make your head spin: plain, flowery, weighted, plaid, etc. The first criterion to keep in mind is that of the assortment. Your bathroom curtain must blend in with the decor of the room. Think of color reminders to create harmony. In general, try to bet on the light, you do not want a dark bathroom! This does not mean that you have to opt for a white curtain; this color can not only give a room to your room but also yellows with moisture.

The installation of a shower curtain

Lay a shower curtain between two walls

If the shower is between two walls, simply install a straight bar for your shower curtain. The easiest way is to opt for a spring and vacuum system.

Most models are made of a bar to cut:

Measure the length between the two walls, add 10 cm, and cut the bar to the desired size.

Then simply slide the eyelets of the shower curtain on the bar and fix it.

Tighten the rod, position it to the desired height, and stretch it between the two walls.

Press on the suction cups to ensure good adhesion.

Place an angle curtain

If the shower is located in a corner of the room, it is recommended to opt for a bar fixed with screws. There are, however, vacuum systems suitable for installing an angled shower curtain; it is then preferable to provide a reinforcement system, located at the corner of the two bars, and fixed to the ceiling with the aid of a drill. To install a rod without suction cups, locate the holes for the screws and place them on the walls with a pencil. Do the same with the support bar if you use one. Drill the holes and insert the dowels. Start by threading the eyelets of the shower curtain and the loop of the support bar. Arrange half of the eyelets on both sides of the bar. Finally, screw the rod onto the walls, then screw the support bar to the ceiling.