quebec snowmobile tours

If you are thinking about a getaway in which to enjoy the charm of winter, do not hesitate to plan a weekend in the snow. Many countries in Europe host numerous stations and municipalities where you can spend a mini-vacation in the snow. To help you choose a specific destination, we have listened to the proposals of some famous travel bloggers. It is not exclusively about trips to the snow in which to practice ski or other winter sports. They also include plans to enjoy nature, culture or gastronomy in the surroundings of the station, some of them ideal for children. Click here for quebec snowmobile tours.

Courmayeur, Valle d’Aosta (Italy)

Located on the Italian side of Mont Blanc, the ski resort of Courmayeur is an ideal place to practice all kinds of snow sports. The station has 29 ski slopes, including 4 black ones, and its highest skiing peak is at 2256 meters’ altitude. Without a doubt, it is one of the most beautiful stations that can be found.

This station can be reached from France through the Mont Blanc tunnel, or from Italy via road or train (it is about 150 kilometers from Turin). Visit this site for quebec snowmobile tours.

quebec snowmobile tours

Abodi-Irati, Navarra (Spain)

Located in the charming valley of Salazar (Navarra) and very close to the well-known Irati forest, is the Abodi cross-country ski resort. During the year we usually enjoy here doing entertaining family trips, however, when the first snows arrive, this area becomes a paradise for lovers of Nordic skiing.

The station has a central building where we can rent skis or rackets. It has a bar-cafeteria where you can have a snack and ample parking located about 100m before you arrive. This Nordic skiing paradise has about 22km of ski slopes and is also part of the Nordic 6, a large space consisting of six cross-country ski centers in Navarra, Aragon and France.

Kvaløya Island, Tromsø (Norway)

There is a place in the confines of Europe where skiers come to experience strong emotions. In Norwegian Lapland, beyond the Arctic Circle, is Tromsø. Nearby there is a very succulent destination for lovers of trips to snow and mountain skiing: the island of Kvaløya.

This island is immersed in a paradise of fjords where you can ski with direct views of the sea, the great Norwegian water valleys. Getting from Tromso to Kvaløya is easy, 25 minutes by car is enough, although a good option is also to stay at Kvaløya itself.