amazon suspension

Being a seller in Amazon, you have to follow certain policies of Amazon. If you were an Amazon seller, then the worst news would be getting an email for the suspension of your account. This could be due to various reasons, some of which you might be aware of while some of you may not. amazon account suspension will certainly take some action if they suspect any suspicious activity on your account. You might be very worried because of this. In such situations, you could do certain things which wouldn’t get your account suspended.

Follow Amazon’s rules and regulations

When you are opening a merchant or seller account on Amazon, it is wise to read all the rules and regulations before signing up. Obviously, if you have decided to open an account on Amazon, these rules aren’t going to stop you but they will certainly help you in understanding what Amazon expects from you and what you need to deliver. Setting up of your account would require your personal details like tax ID number, business name and other requirements including insurance policies. You have to consider the place of your purchase and shipping of the products.

If you are new to selling products on Amazons, you would need to keep a constant check on any kinds of changes to the rules andregulations and comply with them. Amazon frequently changes the rules and keeping yourself informed would certainly help your account from being suspended.

amazon suspension

Keep meticulous records

From your first product sold to the latest one, you should keep an invoicefor the products. This invoice from your supplier can prove very beneficial during the time of your accounts suspension. Nowadays, invoices have become more detailed with the product name and also the UPC code. Very often you could face scrutiny due to false infringement claims made by your competitors. In such situations, having the invoices and records would prove your products as legitimate and that they were sold with proper permission.

In case of your account suspension, these invoices would help faster statement. They would help in the quick follow of your products and claims by Amazon, which could get your account, back to you. Thus, keep the records and invoices of every product that you have brought or sold.


These points have been proven to be of great help to the new sellers. Following these tips would certainly help you too.